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Asolana Imports

Asolana Imports, LLC was our first major project, and the first collaboration between Giulia and Erik. The company was devoted to selecting, importing, and distributing an assortment of premium wines from around the world. Headquartered in beautiful Auburn, WA, Asolana was situated in an ideal place for importing, with 2 major port cities within 50 miles. Also working in Asolana’s favor was the rapidly growing wine market in the Pacific Northwest.

The selection of wines imported by Asolana highlighted an essential part of the wine business that is many times forgotten by other importers: the history of the wine. Asolana wanted its clients to appreciate the products it offer not just for the quality and flavors of the wine, but also for the history and passion the wine represents. Asolana likes the wine drinker to experience the history of winemaking, the culture behind the bottle, and the stories behind the wine. These wines will come from vineyards with generations of experience to first generation vineyards driven by their passion.

With this philosophy in mind, the company built a collection of biographies that told the stories behind the wineries we worked with and their vineyards. These pieces described the winemaker, their mission, their history, their hardships, as well as the flavors of their wines in their own words.

For wineries, this is an excellent instrument for advertisement and an interesting method to create a clearer and complete all-around image for their work. For our customers, this allows them an additional tool for marketing, something that has not existed in the US due to the three-tier system of distributing. Much of this passion is lost between levels, and Asolana will help to fill this gap. Most importantly, wine drinkers will be able to choose a wine based on something more than just the label, and can enjoy a glass of that wine because of its past, feel the passion that it took to produce it, and understand better its unique flavor.

Wine is result of a long process that combines people, history, knowledge, passion, uniqueness, and inspiration into one artful masterpiece. If customers know all that a glass of wine represents, they will also be able to enjoy it more and appreciate their choice, and most importantly for Asolana, create a brand that they can look for next time they are looking to purchase wine.

The Asolana Imports project came to an end in the beginning of 2008 as we decided to focus our time on some of our other projects, and the reigns of this project were given to the much capable hands of Michael Mondavi's Folio Fine Wine Partners based out of Napa, California. We encourage those interested in our past wines to look into their selections and seek out the wonderful Villa Sandi and Opere lines if you haven't already.